Outstanding Referees

Referee Awards

recognising and rewarding our talented, committed, dedicated officials.

We are pleased that in Hampshire we go all out to celebrate the great, to recognise, reward and congratulate our volunteers such as our Officials who have committed and dedicated hours of their time for the love of the game and it's not just refereeing, it is everything around it we must not forget - referee reports, travel, the amount of administration. They do it all!

They are part of the glue that keeps it all together, without them a game is not possible, cup finals would not be played and those special, highlight matches in one's playing career would end there if it wasn't for these exceptional individuals, fulfilling one of the hardest roles in the game. 

It is only right to recognise them, the few that make the hard cells. 

There are three awards for the following periods of continuous service:

  • 10 Years - Certificate of Commendation - certificate

    A Hampshire FA Certificate of Commendation is awarded to an individual for 10 years' additional service following the award of a Hampshire FA Service to Football or Referees Service to Football Award.

  • 25 Years - Referees' Service to Football Award - certificate & gold, personalised clock

    A Hampshire FA Service to Football Award is made for 25 years' continuous or aggregated voluntary service to the county and each winner is nominated by their local Divisional Football Association

  • 50 Years - The FA 50 Year Long Service to Football Award - certificate, medallion & pin badge

    The FA 50 Years Long Service Award is a highly prestigious award made to those who have given an astonishing 50 years service to football.

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In addition to The FA Referee Awards, Hampshire FA have their own Referee Awards, selected by a county. The awards reward individuals for outstanding achievement, who have gone above and beyond, exceeding expectations.

There is no quick fix  for overcoming the challenges  in the adult male 11v11 game. Everything we're implementing is part of a long-term strategy designed to achieve our aim of sustaining, growing and developing the game for all. HFAPlayOn.com is an intervention driven by the insight gathered from the Early Warning System and our hope is that it will offer tangible support to our clubs. Further insight driven interventions will follow throughout the 2017/18 season. 
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Service to Football Award – for members who have served football in the County for 25 years and must have received a Divisional FA Service Award at least one season prior to applying (not required for Referees Service to Football Award nominations). Applications must come from their local Divisional FA within the stipulated time period set by the County FA each season.

Certificate of Commendation – for members who have served an additional 10 years following the presentation of a Hampshire FA Service to Football Award or Referees Service to Football Award.

FA 50 Long Service to Football Award – for members who have served football for 50 years and would be subject to FA approval. Applications must come from their local Divisional FA within the stipulated time period set by the County FA each season.

For Divisional FA contacts.

For the Local Area Referees Committees (LARC) contacts.

No, you do not have to be nominated. Simply make it known to your Divisional FA as the first point of call and they will be able to assist you from there. Please give as much detail as possible, evidence where required, contact details etc. If you have a football biography then that would also be beneficial. 

You will be invited by Hampshire FA to attend the Grassroots Football Awards which is held on the first Saturday in June of each year. Th evening sees award winners being presented with their award, entertainment to enjoy, food and other incentives. Hampshire FA provides each award winner with two tickets for the awards ceremony, one for yourself and a second for your chosen guest. A full update will be provided at the earliest opportunity.

If for whatever reason you cannot make the award ceremony, alternative arrangements will be made for you. Hampshire FA representatives will be in touch with you a week or so after the event has taken place to arrange a presentation with you. Please note it may take a little longer to arrange if the presentation is required to be made by a key representative (i.e. FA 50 Year Award must be presented by The FA Representative for Hampshire).